SAIGON Mobile Labs (SML) is a R&D center for game & mobile technology.
SML attracts excellent students from universities of technology, economy and social sciences around "University Town" area, Thu Duc Dist. Members will be organized into groups to work on startup projects likes game, social community, education, etc
GauTuiDau and NhaTroTot are two most outstanding projects.

Mimosa Technology (MimosaTEK) is a company operates in the technology field, which focus on Internet of things Technology (IOT), Cloud and Big Data into many areas of life.
According to their point of view about agriculatural ecomony, Mimosa regconizes that this ecomomy is a sustainable and potential one which will attract much investment in the future but it lacks IT practical application to tend toward High Technology Agriculture.Mimosa TEK researchs many measures to teach farmers how to manage plants, domestic animal, water resource, soil and other agricultural resources…. the media real estate page of the Vietnam, development based on new technologies – map application, maximum support search tool and posting new. The development of this project based on Web and location-based with moderninterface, intuitive, simple and easy to use, and it intensively focus on real estate transactions. tends toward setting up a quality exchange for leasing, selling house, apartment, land plot, industrial land, agriculture land, trade - service, resortreal estate for both B2B and B2C.

Eagle Eye Software Company is a startup with “Eagle eye” project: Mobile Object Display and Recognition.

They recognizes market demad nowadays with appearance Recognizing demand market today with appearancea of smart phone which has processable capacity and quick image recognition.
The project "Eagle Eye" was built to solve and meet the demand about recognizing different of car on Android, IOS and other mobile operating system. This project types simplify this recognition on Android, IOS and other mobile operating systems in order to reconize the category of car. The project will be targeted at customers in Europe in which control demand is very high.