Infrastructure supporting Partners

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With the total area of 430,000 sqm, QTSC has many functions such as software production, exhibition centre, accommodation, entertainment, etc. In addition to that, with pre-eminent infrastructure facilities, competitive office and internet rental costs, the environment and landscape are wonderful place for working, studying and living for 20,000 people in 2020. QTSC has got a strong support link from both municipal and state government, and having benefit of many incentives to promote the IT industry from the government. Our responsibility is not only managing and developing QTSC but also supporting the IT companies and investors who want to do business in IT field.

Saigon Hi-Tech Park Incubator Center is incubated young technology enterprises, helping them overcome the difficulties and manage a sustainable growth.

With the goal of supporting individuals, groups or organizations that own established technology businesses, facilitating successful business kiencho faster with less cost and less risk.

The business incubator sector of high technology business incubators perform include:Information technology and telecommunications, Mechatronics-automation, microelectronics,Nanotechnology, new materials and energy.

 EXA is among of the first cloud computing service company in Vietnam. EXA provides information technology applications for individual users and businesses completely based on cloud computing infrastructure. EXA conduct concepts Software as a Service - SaaS, Platform as a Service - PaaS and Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS the most practical way through the service have high applicability.

Investment Partners

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FPT Ventures desire to bring the technology startups in Vietnam the opportunities to start a business of their products to new high level. The startup has change to approach to investment capital, workplaces, advisory committees, expanding market experience, development customers, technical infrastructure, marketing & PR capabilities, relationships with world investors to deploy the product in the country and gradually expand into the region.

At RYNAN Technologies, we develop innovative products that allow our customers to operate more efficiently and sustainably. We are devoted to creating the most effective and environmentally friendly solutions for the industries we serve, including coding and marking, printing, packaging, and medical. Headquartered in Singapore, RYNAN Technologies understands the needs of customers in the fast growing, dynamic markets in Asia and around the globe. RYNAN is invested in the research and development of leading edge technology to continually build on our diverse portfolio of products, which currently includes thermal inkjet and Piezo inkjet variable data printers, ink solutions, and offset CTP plates.


Media Partners

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 ICTnews  is a channel about information technology of electronic newspapers Infonet. We provide useful information on the latest technologies and trends in future technology strategy. Besides the technological operations in Vietnam market is the clearest transmission

Tech in Asia is the online community for Asia’s startup ecosystem. Right here is where you can keep abreast of Asia’s tech industry and share your thoughts alongside ours. With an ever-growing team of 70 based all across Asia and the US, spanning editorial, events and database functions, we are fully dedicated to bringing Asia’s tech ecosystem closer together. Above all, we want to give you a voice with our platform and facilitate meaningful discussions that would otherwise only take place offline. Anyone willing to add value to Asia’s tech community and ecosystem is able and welcome to join in the conversation. Asia is a big place. Its place in the world, even bigger. It’s growing every second too, and we’re here to keep you plugged in. is the channel of science and technology. We are testing and is now promoting the permit in accordance with the law in the shortest time. During testing, the serious content management and control of information in a coherent way is the most essential element of With this comeback, the development team commitments:

- Provide regular updates to the reader.
- Become a reference source that reliable knowledge.
- The posts are always independent, accurate and high fidelity, respect tin.Gop standard sources, contributed articles, any public offer of assistance is welcome and through ngan @ action vn.