On 26th June, 2015, Information Technology Park - Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City (ITP) held successfully "Right way for Startups" workshop, this is an activity in series of iStartX Accelerator Program.

There were participations of the panelists who were successful entrepreneurs, venture capital funds operating in Vietnam market and professionals in business field. Besides, there were many guests who are partner (QTSC), media sponsors (Action.vn, FBNC ...) of ITP and over 100 participants

hinh1Over 100 Startups

At the workshop, panelists as well as Startups discussed the topic Right way for Startups with contents such as: “How is a good founder? What are Core factors for successful Startup? What differences between large enterpries and Starup ones management are? ”.One of main contents of iStartX Accelerator Program was to start up at ITP.
In the first section of the worshop, Mr. Nguyen Anh Thi introduced Information Technology and enviroment to Tecnology Entrepreneurs.
The following section was a discussion between the panelists and participants.
Firstly, Dr. Nguyen Thanh My - Chairman - CEO of MyLanGroup had shared his view opinion on Entrepreneurship in resent time that success or unsuccess of Startup program based on values of product to society. Want to success or failure that the most important things bring value for the social, community. A good founder must have good qualities and responsibility for their Startup.

Nguyen thanh myDr. Nguyen Thanh My - Chairman - CEO of MyLanGroup 

Mr. Vu Thai Ha - Director of EXA, INNMA is a person who had many unsuccessful startups as well as successful startups, he shared his valuable experiences for the younger. He is a great mentor who will accompany iStartX Accelerator program.

anh vu thai haMr. Vu Thai Ha - Director of EXA, INNMA.

Besides, there were participations large investment funds representative, Mr Le Trong Duc –Representative of FPT Ventures and Nguyen Minh Tuan - Representative of CyberAgent Ventures, shared the collaboration and co-operation with ITP in that program.

2 quy dau tuMr. Le Trong Duc (FPT Ventures) sat in the middle - Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan (CyberAgent Ventures) sat in the right side

Ms. Le Huynh Kim Ngan Representative of Action.vn- a very young and dynamic person in the field of entrepreneurship startup shared the current start-up operations in Vietnam: “the core factors in Startup are human resources, and we have to take full advantage of those resources, especially, investment investing in the young generation.
le huynh kim nganMs. Le Huynh Kim Ngan Representative Action.vn

In second section, Mr. Nguyen Anh Thi - Director ITP program introduced iStartX Accelerator Program which is starting at ITP. This program would bring to the startup team a steady commencement and more mature growth after a special training course. At the worshop, Mentors are leading experts in the field of starup and successful entrepreneurs will follow and support groups throughout the 12-month coaching.

Some other sharing from Mr.Vu Anh Tuan – A Representative of QTSC


Mr. Vu Anh Tuan –A Representative of QTSC

mot ban chia se du an cua minhA founder shared about your their project

There were many interesting and enthusiastic from start-ups who are founders, CEO of many projects as well as everyone comes from different areas, the a variety of start-up projects, but in here they have a common view of listening, learning, and learn to start a business more efficiently.
"It's never enough for the difficulties and challenges when Starting up."
We would like to give sincere thanks to guests who participatited in the workshop. We hope that this program will be a first step to start business training activities which will be more successful coming and welcome to the program Startup teams more and more.