On 29th May, 2015 the workshop of “building founding team” was held successfully by Information Technology Park (ITP).

The participants are Speakers in starup, starup support and more than 50 guests who are startups, students from local universities and colleges in Ho Chi Minh city.
The woskshop supplied many necessary contents such as: how to find a companion; how to split allocate stocks in a startup; how to resolve conflicts which often occur in startup and many questions from participant which were answered in detail by our Speakers.

DSC 0059

The attendees are excited to start the workshop

Mr. Nguyen Anh Thi- director of ITP opened the workshop with a speech introducing Information Technology Park and the upcoming program called “iStartX Accelerator”. This is the entrepreneurial training program of ITP, it will be started officially on June 15th 2015. “iStartX Accelerator Program” will bring to startups not only market products but also practical experiences when they worked with experts who are successful startups.

DSC 0081

Mr.Nguyen Anh Thi- director of ITP talks about startup ecosystem and ITP's iStarX Accelerator Program

The next speech of Ms. Nguyen Thi Dieu Hang - representative of Youth Support Center BSSC shared some challenges in initial startup and how to find a good partner. She said: “A good partner may not be a talkative person, may not be a expert. He will not be the best person for your startup if he has not a common direction with you.”

DSC 0059

Ms.Nguyen Thi Dieu Hang- director of BSSC talks about how to find a companion

Besides, we also have three Speakers who are founders of startup companies to share their realistic views, how to set up a successful team and how to choose wisely companions.


Mr. Nguyen Khac Minh Tri- founder of Mimosatek shares his experience


Mr. Le Hoang Nhat-founder of Tomango Education talks about failures in his startup projects

Mr. Đang Ngoc Chien- co-founder of Terabox

By enthisiasm and sincere shares, the workshop was an open discuss and sharing which was very interesting. Moreover, the workshop received many responses from students helped them to have many knowledge throughout precious shares of experts and practical experience from successful startup projects.

DSC 0140

A attendee questions Ms. Hang about constructing his team

This event organized by ITP hopes to bring to students, entrepreneurs who has been developing their projects many essential knowledge to successful startup.