On 28th August, 2015, the first lesson of iStarX accelerator Program was opened with the participation of the Project teams chosen from the Pitching Day.

During the first lesson, experts analyzed and helped the teams to understand Cavas model which was used as the foundation for this program, it also help the teams to complete and improve their own models.

This is was the first lesson that in which the teams directly worked with Mr. Nguyen Anh Thi - Director of Information Technology Park and Mr. Vu Thai Ha - Director of EXA.
The topic of the First lesson was"Model Canvas and target customers". Lean Canvas model is a variant form of the model Canvas, it will help teams to build up and analyze business plans on paper instead of common plans. This model will help young startups to simplify business plans and make them become visual as well as give overviews for startups. This model is used commonly in current startup communities.
The images of the recorded session:



In the next session, the teams will continue to work with other professionals with topics to gradually complete projects.