In the morning of 09 Oct 2015, at ITP, ITP’s executives had a meeting with WUSC and Vietnam Uniterra

Participants from WUSC and Uniterra:

1. Ms. Nguyen Minh Hanh – Country Coordinator, Uniterra in Vietnam.

2. Ms.Nguyen Kim Chi – Sector Program Officer based in HCM City.

3. Ms. Amada Martin – Uniterra Brand Identity Advisor with Hochiminh College of Economics.

Participants from ITP:

1. Mr. Nguyen Anh Thi – ITP director

2. Mr. Le Nhat Quang – Head of Marketing Department

20151009 100940

The meeting content concerned with objectives of two parties and discussed in detail about cooperation in the forthcoming period. Ms. Minh Hanh introduce about WUSC, Uniterra and programs which are going to realize between 2016 and 2020. The activities include research programs in ICT development in Vietnam; lacks of supply and demand of ICT market; practical measures for this problems; the youth and startup. Mr. Nguyen Anh Thi, Director of ITP, shared startup model and entrepreneurial ecosystem; support packages for the youth people had passion in startup to WUSC and Uniterra. Besides, ITP is also carrying out some projects which help to solve problems in quality of ICT students and problems about ICT market’s supply and demand.

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Throughout the objectives sharing, the representatives WUSC and ITP agreed next steps from combination in the youth and startup to problem solving in quality, supply and demand of ICT market. From this points, the two parties will sign an MOU for cooperation.

In the end of the meeting, WUSC representatives visited startup spaces, training areas and technology companies of ITP.