Le Huynh Kim Ngan
Co-founder Action.vn

Co-founder Action.vn - This is the leading tech news in Vietnam which focuses on technology entrepreneurship. We deliver not only latest local news but also market insight, know-how and consumer behaviors in Internet business. We understand and spot the trends, we believe in new technology wave will change Vietnamese lives. Founded by entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs, She would love to connect with anyone who interests Vietnam market and looking for investment opportunities here. To get our monthly market updates, feel free to contact us at ngan@action.vn or ngan@twenty.vn

She have also Triip planner & Connector- Startup in technology industry has been hotter since 2010. A lot of startups were founded... and failed after a short period time, however, the desire of invading this intense market still remains. The top excuses to blame for this short-life circumstance may comes from the budget limitation, economy, intellectual resources, experiences, mislead goal and missions...

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