Tran Cong Thanh
Co-Founder & Managing Director PVNi – Founder of Success Software Service

Established Success Software Services to best utilize my over 15 years of experience in the IT & quality management by providing management software to clients in Europe & North America. Within 18 months, the team has grown to more than 50 engineers by successful delivered outsourcing services as well as customized management software of project management, inventory, billing system, customer relationship management, human resource management, e-commerce & mobile commerce.
Provide consulting services to many enterprises in VN (Vinamilk, PG Insurance, Lac Viet, Quantic, Fujinet, Hansea Vietnam, Chutex, etc.) on CMMi, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, Business Process Management System, HR/Training & Development, & Corporate Social Responsibilities.
A founding member of PVNI, a venture capital network investing in highly potential start-ups in VN, and Beanie’s, to bring the concept of the popular crepes stalls in Harajuku, Tokyo to VN in contribution to the development of snack food & desert of this increasing market.